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Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Music Therapist

Do you love classic rock music and wish there was more of it? For example, don’t you wish the Doors (with Jim Morrison) or the Beatles had made more records? How many times can you listen to the Doors first album without finally getting sick of it? The answer for me would be a zillion (and I’m still not sick of it). My point being, that it was great music and as such it never gets old. (Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for me). What I can say is that music of that era has left an indelible imprint on me and my musical psyche. It inspired me to become a musician as well as to find a way to use music to benefit others. It motivated me to create music in which I try to convey a similar beauty, joy, love and hopeful message that resonated so deeply inside of me.

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