David Herman Biography

It all started when I was 14 after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I knew I had to have an electric guitar. My father hesitated, thinking it was just another phase I was going through and that I wouldn’t stick with it. He challenged me by saying “before I buy you an electric guitar (and of course an amp) you need to play me 10 complete songs”. (Needless to say, I met the challenge and 3 zillion songs later, I’m still playing the guitar and loving every minute of it).

I continued playing the guitar throughout high school and college, which is when I began writing songs. I also bought a Teac 4-track tape deck, which I used to record my original songs. When I graduated college I moved to New York City. An art therapist whom I met at a party, introduced me to the profession of music therapy. Until I met this young woman (soon to be girlfriend) I had no idea there was a profession such as music therapy (or art therapy). As soon as she uttered that combination of words, ‘music therapy’ I was hooked. It seemed like a perfect fit for me, bringing together my two interests and passions, music and helping others.

With my new friend’s help, I got hired as a recreation/music therapist in a hospital and began to see how music could be used as a therapeutic tool.

I continued writing songs and performed solo and with bands as a singer/songwriter while I also worked as a music therapist. I eventually decided to further my education in music therapy and studied at NYU where I earned a master’s degree in music therapy. Though I continue to enjoy using music as a therapeutic tool to benefit others I never lost my passion for performing and writing songs. Fortunately, I’ve been married to an incredible woman for 24 years (who also happens to be a musician and music therapist). She is my muse and soul mate, and one of the main reasons why I’m able to continue following my musical heart.
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